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What is Tarot?
July 7, 2024
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Commandments of a good Tarologist, by Fabia
July 7, 2024

Mediumship and its development

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the sensitive ability to perceive and interact with energies, spirits or entities beyond the physical plane. Mediums can receive messages, visions or intuitive sensations that serve as a channel of communication between the spiritual world and the earthly world. This ability can be developed and varies in intensity and form of manifestation according to each individual.

Practitioners are known as "mediums".

Among the best-known forms of mediumship are trance, rotating tables and the ouija board.

from Wikipedia

They are people who have the ability to perceive and interact with energies and entities from the spiritual plane, serving as intermediaries between this plane and the physical world.

The existence of the mediumistic faculty cannot be proven by objective evidence; only personal experience can reveal it.

The word "medium" originates from Latin and means "medium". It refers to an individual who serves as a channel of communication between the spiritual world, where spirits live, and the material world, where we live. Mediumship is considered innate in all human beings and can be developed throughout life through spiritual practices and personal experiences.


There is no evidence to recognize the existence of the mediumistic faculty. Only experience can reveal it.

Allan Kardec

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Question: Are we all mediums?

Answer: All human beings are mediums, without exception!

Mediumship is innate in all human beings.

Mediumship can be classified as:

Natural Mediumship
Proof Mediumship

Natural Mediumship

Natural Mediumship: This form of mediumship arises as a result of the achievement of moral values ​​and spiritual evolution.
In this situation, the medium is a missionary among men and always aims to practice charity and eliminate their defects.

A notable example is Chico Xavier, who demonstrated a deep spiritual connection throughout his life, channeling messages and teachings that brought comfort and guidance to many people.
His full name is Francisco Cândido Xavier, and among many of his works, he also helped to spread spiritualism and the words of Allan Kardec.


The bond of love will never end, because love is the presence of God, and love will continue to unite us with each other forever and we will love each other more and more. Now let's educate love, because we have not known how to love one another, as Jesus loved us.

Xico Xavier


Proof Mediumship

Proof Mediumship: This type of mediumship is granted so that the medium goes through specific tests and learning throughout their life. It serves as a means of personal and spiritual development, helping the medium to evolve and overcome challenges through their mediumistic abilities.

It is a mediumship that must be developed by the person who carries it, through exercises and spiritual work (often painful) for the development of this gift, as it comes with the purpose of paying off karma from past lives.
Proof mediumship brings rewards to those who have the patience and resilience to accept the difficulties that this type of power brings to their lives.

Natural or Proof Mediumship, basically both have the objective of helping suffering souls and people to reconcile with the divine and grow spiritually.

Natural Mediumship

Natural mediumship, resulting from the achievement of moral values ​​and spiritual evolution, manifests itself in an intuitive and harmonious way. Examples include:


Strong Intuition:Ability to feel energies and emotions intensely, providing deep insights into situations and people.

Spiritual Sensitivity: Ability to perceive the presence of spiritual entities, feel their energy and receive intuitive messages.

Deep Empathy: Ability to put yourself in others' shoes with ease, understanding their emotions and needs effortlessly.

Healing Ability: Ability to channel healing energies towards oneself and others, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Psychography: The medium writes messages dictated by spirits, often serving as a channel for advice, guidance and spiritual revelations.


Psychographic Mediumship, (from the Greek, writing of the mind or soul), according to spiritist vocabulary, is the ability attributed to certain mediums to write messages dictated by Spirits.

from Wikipedia

The working mechanism of Psychographic Mediumship, according to Allan Kardec, can be conscious, semi-mechanical or mechanical, depending on the level of consciousness of the medium during the writing process.

In the conscious case, the least susceptible to experimental validation, the medium is fully aware of what he or she writes, despite not recognizing the authorship of the ideas contained in the text. You have the ability to influence writings, avoiding information that seems inconvenient or inappropriate ways of expressing yourself.

In the semi-mechanical case, the medium could even be aware of the occurrence of the phenomenon, perceive the influx of ideas, but would be unable to voluntarily influence the text, which would basically flow out of his hands. The impulse to write is stronger than your will to stop or voluntarily conduct the process.

In the mechanical case, the most suitable for a controlled experimental investigation, the medium could write without even realizing what he is doing, including the possibility of talking to interlocutors about a certain topic while psychographing a text completely unrelated to the subject. subject at hand. This is because, according to Kardec, these mediums would allow the spirit to act directly on your hand or arm, without resorting to the mind..


Psychophony: Also known as incorporation mediumship, where the medium lends their voice to the spirits so that they can communicate directly with the people present.

Clairvoyance: Ability to see spirits, auras and events that are beyond normal perception, providing visions of spiritual realities.

Clairaudience: Ability to hear voices or sounds coming from the spiritual world, receiving auditory messages from spiritual entities.

Healing Mediumship: Ability to channel spiritual energies to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing in people.

Transport Mediumship: Ability to unfold, where the medium's spirit moves to other locations, planes or dimensions, bringing information and experiences from there.

Materialization Mediumship: Ability to make spirits and objects of the spiritual world visible and tangible, allowing direct interaction with them.

Mediumship of Physical Effects: Ability to influence the physical world through spiritual energy, resulting in phenomena such as movement of objects, inexplicable noises and changes in the environment.

These types of trial mediumship offer diverse forms of development and learning for mediums, helping them fulfill their spiritual purpose and evolve morally.

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