About Fábia Silva and Farmácia do Espírito

A life path full of extraordinary discoveries in the spiritual world

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Fábia Silva's life path is a journey full of extraordinary discoveries that led her to explore the mysteries of the spiritual world.
Since her birth, Fábia has always demonstrated an unusual sensitivity to the details around her.
Growing up amidst the exuberant nature of her hometown, she absorbed the energy of the environment in a unique way, which would eventually for unleashing an unparalleled gift

In the tapestry of Fabia Silva's life, a story unfolds that is both captivating and enigmatic, rich with the hues of her spiritual journey. From the moment of her birth, she seemed attuned to the subtle rhythms of existence. Growing up in the embrace of nature's beauty, she imbibed the world's energy in a way that would ultimately unveil a unique gift within her.

As the chapters of her life turned, Fabia's awareness of the unseen energies around her deepened. A path of curiosity and exploration led her to the realms of spirituality, occultism, and ancient mystic traditions. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge led her through various practices, from meditation to poring over books on tarot, astrology, and the mystic arts.

Through the passage of time, Fabia unearthed her "Gift" of spiritual guidance. Her keen intuition and ability to attune to the vibrations of those she encountered endowed her with a remarkable talent for offering insightful counsel and solace. This knack for deciphering the depths of others' needs paved the way for clairvoyance consultations and tarot readings. The tarot cards, in her hands, became a medium of communion with the spiritual realm, offering profound insights and direction to seekers.

As her Gift matured, Fabia sensed the stirring of another facet of her sensitivity: mediumship. She began to perceive the presence of spiritual entities and developed the capacity to channel messages from those who had transcended the physical plane. This journey led her to deepen her connection with the spiritual world and seek a profound understanding of the human experience's purpose and challenges.

Guided by her profound spiritual wisdom and unique abilities, Fabia embarked on spiritual works. Her commitment to aiding others led her to offer rituals, ceremonies, and practices aimed at fostering spiritual and emotional healing. She became a beacon of light for those seeking answers amid the shadows of life's complexities.

Fabia Silva's narrative weaves together self-discovery, spiritual growth, and selfless dedication. Her gift of guidance, clairvoyance consultations, mediumship, tarot reading, and spiritual works positioned her as a notable figure in the spiritual realm—a compassionate guide for those seeking understanding and inner peace. Her journey continues to unfold, inspiring others to explore realms beyond the visible and embrace the vast richness of the spiritual world.

Presenting Dr Fabia Silva

Speaking of me…

My name is Fabia Silva, I was born in Venezuela, I have lived in Portugal for many years, I come from families with some economic power that have always taught me to “do good and not look at whom” Since I was born I deal with spirituality, but I have consciousness that I have passed through thousands of lives, which thus represents that I am a very old spirit...

Since I was 6 years old, my mother took me to Umbanda and Candomblé lands, I dealt with wise characters in the subject.
At the age of 14 I was advised to deepen my knowledge in the area, since since I was very young I was sought after by family and friends to give advice and guidance.
I can confess that I consciously ran away from my “destiny” as much as possible, at the age of 19 I realized that I had my whole life involved, including health problems that medicinally, after several exams the report was always the same: “ have nothing! “ .

That's when I realized I would have to look for something else…
*I understood…!!!

I started working and gaining real awareness at the age of 21.
I tried to educate myself within my “GIFT”

I attended several courses, which I invite anyone who has doubts to enter my space and see my diplomas, certificates, there are only 17 courses among which: Astrology, tarot, fortune telling, opelé ifa, hypnosis, conditioning hypnosis, ericsonian hypnosis, clinical hypnosis, past life regression, pharmacy assistant, conscientiology, projectiology, parapsychology. In fact, I never get tired of learning more and more ways (techniques or ways to help) for those who come to me.

From all that I have learned, I can reveal that (I am most sought after) are the clairvoyance consultations (mediumship) and tarot reading, consultations given by telephone and in person, in which I reveal great details, physical descriptions, names, ages, time … I say what health problems the client has, and what are the best ways to treat the problem…
I do spiritual work, rituals in which a team of MEDIUMS - SEEDS from the Farmácia do Espírito center go to make contact with the superior guides, there are incorporations, 1 team member, records everything the guides say about the consultant or situation to be treat.

I train everyone who wants to learn this activity, but only a few go on to the final stage, only those who have quite evolved mediumship and were chosen to work and who feel they have to follow this path.

Today I consider myself happy, helping, this is my path.

Healthy, and with all the love and affection I will receive, call and expose your case that the consultation is completely free !!!

With love…