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What is Tarot?
July 7, 2024

What it's like to be a Medium, with Fábia Silva

Being a medium involves a unique feeling of connection with the spiritual world.
It is a sensitive experience where energies, messages or presences of entities beyond the physical plane are perceived.
For some, it is a spiritual gift that offers the opportunity to help others, while for others it can be challenging to manage the intense emotions and responsibilities that come with this ability.

What to expect from a Tarot consultation, with psychic medium Fabia Silva:

To feel, see, hear and intuit everything that Fábia receives, in principle there would be no need for any type of concrete support, but she chose the Tarot as a bridge of material communication between her mediumship and the sensitivity of those who consult her.


During her sessions, Fabia frequently uses the Rider Waite Tarot. In some situations, she prefers other decks and, occasionally, combines several decks to ensure an even more accurate and inspiring reading at the time of reading.

During Tarot readings, Fabia Silva's mediumship is praised, influenced by her spiritual guides. This results in deep, personalized interpretations that connect directly with the life journey of those looking for answers.

Drª. Fabia Silva,

Only the best psychic mediums can offer a completely accurate Tarot card reading.


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