Tips to be a good Tarot reader

To be a good tarot reader, you need to follow certain commandments.

First of all, it is important that you try to put yourself in the other person's shoes. This means understanding and respecting people and their ways of thinking and acting.
Secondly, it is fundamental to learn to listen.

Listen carefully and patiently, as this can help you resolve problems and conflicts.

The third commandment is to practice the art of interpretation, using the cards as a tool for counseling and reflection, without imposing your own beliefs and ideas.

Moderation and respect are the foundations for conducting a tarot reading well and helping people to get to know each other better.
Finally, practice the art of empathy.
Knowing how to put yourself in the other person's shoes and listening to their needs is essential to carry out accurate and useful readings.

The Commandments of a Good Tarot:

1. Try to put yourself in someone else's shoes. This helps you better understand people, their way of thinking and acting.

2. Learn to listen.
Listening is very important to resolve any disagreement or problem.

3. Practice the art of patience. Avoid rash judgments and actions.

4. Apologize. This can prevent violence and save relationships.

5. Think positive. Try to value what the situation and the other have good and realize that this habit can promote true miracles.

6. Respect people when they think and act differently from you. Differences are a real wealth for everyone.

7. Be supportive. Show interest in the other, in their feelings and in their reality of life.

8. Analyze the situation. Achieving peaceful solutions depends on finding the root of the problem.

9. Do it justice. Make an effort to understand the differences and not to win, as if any disagreements were games or wars.

10. Change the way you view conflicts. Kindness shows us that conflict can have positive results and make living together more intimate and trusting.